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Eligibility Manager - Available Now Medicare, Managed Care, Medicaid and Managed Medicaid - Results in Seconds!

Claim Status in Real Time - Available now for Managed Care Payers!
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Eligibility and Coverages. Four payers with one request
43 Residents in 48 Seconds
Real time claims status
How It Works
Ranger merges intelligent software with payer data to bring you actionable information in seconds.
  1. To run eligibility, just enter resident name, DOB, Medicare and/or Medicaid numbers or upload a batch of your whole faciity
  2. Ranger queries data sources nationwide and generates a single-page report with complete eligibility and coverage data
  3. To check real time claim status, just drop in the 837 file you billed
  4. For supported payers, Ranger will give you updated claim status in seconds
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Simple To Get Started, Easy To Use

Use the program for no charge and test it for yourself

If after a few monthly cycles you wish to subscribe to the service we will reach out with a low monthly fee proposal

Unlimited customer support

Ranger’s Intelligent software and data sources will save you massive time every month

High-speed connections directly with payers.


HIPAA compliant, ultra secure, and encrypted database.


Smart algorithms deliver accurate SNF information.


Easily compare eligibility records between two time periods.

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